Analysis of prices of fixed-line Internet access services in Poland

Analysis of prices of fixed-line Internet access services in Poland

Internet access services are an increasing percentage of revenues within the telecommunications market enterprises. According to the Report on the state of the telecommunications market in Poland in 2018, the value of the Internet access services market amounted to EUR 1.26 billion , which is approximately 14% of the value of the telecommunications market in Poland. The number of subscribers to fixed-line Internet services is increasing year by year. In 2018, the number of fixed-line Internet access users amounted to 8.1 million users.

Access to broadband fixed-line Internet is increasingly important in the daily lives of Poles. The role of the Internet in personal and professional life consumer research shows that 66.7% of respondents had access to the fixed-line Internet. As many as 68% percent of respondents used the Internet at home for a minimum of 3 hours a day. But the Internet is not only used as a source of information and entertainment at home. More than 1/3 of respondents conduct business or commercial activities using this medium.

Internet users in Poland expect high quality services and a reasonable price. According to a study commissioned by UKE, the most frequent criteria for selecting a fixed-line Internet provider include the speed and price of services. A consumer survey published in December 2018 showed that the average monthly bill for fixed-line Internet was around € 12 . The amount of bills for the network access service declared by the respondents ranged from 5.83 €   to 46.67 €  per month.

Taking into account the information collected about consumer preferences, UKE has prepared a document analysing the prices of fixed-line Internet access services in Poland in 2019. The status of the price lists of individual operators used in the analysis is as at 10 May 2019. The document also includes the results of previous analyses developed by UKE.

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