New technology class

Children from Poland and Lithuania were setting a Guinness record

How does a smart city work? How does the internet of things make our life easier? How can we all benefit from the development of artificial intelligence? And above all, how to navigate in the world of new technologies? Today, children from 102 schools in Poland and Lithuania tried to answer these questions, thus attempting to set a Guinness record in simultaneous participation in a lesson devoted to new technologies.

The setting of the record began at 10.30 with the participation of primary school students in 5th -7th grades. Part of the lesson was organised as a group work, in which the children did exercises that involved, among others, the discussion on the use of the Internet as a source of entertainment, knowledge, education and a way of communication, examples of the Internet of Things, the design of a smart home of the future.

The aim of the lesson was, among others, to improve children's digital competences within the context of their future in the digital world and in the information society, to make children aware of the importance of being able to navigate in the world of new technologies and learn new things, acquire competences that will be used to carry out tasks resulting from the challenges of the digital world and professions that will soon be created.

We are now waiting for the official confirmation of the result by the Guinness World Record.

The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) works on the education of children throughout the whole year.  As representatives of the administration, we care about the comprehensive development of the young generation - we teach children the basics of programming, through which we demonstrate creative ways of using new technologies. We also teach how to navigate safely in the digital world.

In 2018, we carried out over 2 000 lessons as part of the "Click sensibly” campaign, during which we shared our knowledge with 50 000 children and the "Coding with UKE" workshop was attended by 3 000 children. Since 2016, when the educational campaigns for the youngest were initiated, we have trained a total of around 100 000 children.

You are invited to view the photo gallery from today's event.