Face with digital elements

EU Code Week 2018

On 6 October starts this year’s EU Code Week promoting the development of digital competences. We will actively participate in the event by organizing “Coding with UKE” workshops, which only this year have already been offered to 2000 young people. 

We don’t forget about the disabled and entire families to whom the „Bridging the Generation Gap” is addressed. Programming in groups helps to develop creating thinking and cooperation skills, as well as stimulating imagination and thought processes.

The EU Code Week will take place between 6 and 21 October. UKE events programme is to be found in the appendix.     

October 2018 is also the European Cyber Security Month. As part of the „Click sensibly” campaign we will teach young people how to move in the digital world in a safe and responsible manner, in line with the themes of the event: Cyber hygiene, Education for cybersecurity, Scam and New technologies.

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