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Lidia Stępińska-Ustasiak becomes Chairwoman of ITU Group on Capacity Building Initiatives

Starting from 19 March 2019, Lidia Stępińska-Ustasiak, PhD, Counsellor to the President of UKE, will chair the Group on Capacity Building Initiatives (GCBI).

The group is an advisory body for the Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau. Its members are experts in the area of building digital capacity, two from each of the six ITU regions. Their role is, for instance, to advise on the activities of the ITU Academy, i.e. telecommunications/ICT training sessions conducted all over the world by entities authorised by ITU.

Lidia Stępińska-Ustasiak was recommended as a Group member by the European region on the 1 January 2019. More information on the GCBI members and their tasks is available on ITU’s website.