Reference level of fees - POPC

Reference level of fees - POPC

Digital Poland Projects Centre announced in a competition mode  the call for applications for financing the implementation of the projects from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund under: the 1st Priority Axis of the OPDP  – „Common access to high-speed internet” of Measure 1.1 „ Eliminating  territorial  differences  in  terms  of  access  to  high-speed  broadband internet” . The Appendix to the  above competition defined „Requirements for connecting educational units in the second and third competition within measure  1.1 of OPDP” (hereinafter„Requirements”). According to the Requirements, the beneficiary chosen in the competition (hereinafter „Beneficiary”) is obligated to ensure wholesale access for another operator in order to connect educational units with wholesale services provided at the prices accepted by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (hereinafter „the President of UKE”). 

The President of UKE published on 27 March 2018 a document „Access Prices to networks connecting educational units in the second competition within measure 1.1 of OPDP” (hereinafter „Access prices”). It defines recommended rules of determining charges for wholesale access to telecommunications networks connecting educational units implemented by Beneficiaries.

In point 2.1. (1) of Access prices it was indicated that “A fee charged by an Access Network Operator for providing transmission services, referred to in  point 1(1) of this document, is compliant with the fee based on benchmarks valid in other comparable, more competitive areas of Poland or European Union.”

Data transmission services to educational units need to meet parameters defined in the Requirements1. In case of services defined in the Requirements, the relevant benchmarks are agreements on comparable services. On the basis of analysis of these agreements, the President of UKE indicates the level of a charge that is an appropriate benchmark for charges for data transmission services to educational units.


   Fee  Reference level of net fee
 1.  Average monthly subscription fee for   transmission services  PLN 227 per month


1 Data transmission services from educational units to Traffic Exchange Points or Access Network Nodes defined in point 2.6.1 of the Requirements