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The President of UKE imposed a penalty on NetCentrica for unlawful offering of the National Telephone Numbers Directory service

The President of UKE determined that by providing the service of the National Telephone Numbers Directory NetCentrica infringed the numbering assignment provisions of the Telecommunications Act and the terms of inter-operator agreements concerning call routing. For these infringements, the President of UKE imposed on NetCentrica penalties of a total value of PLN 70,000.

The National Telephone Numbers Directory service, consisting in offering information on telephone numbers, has for several years been provided exclusively by Orange Polska S.A., using the assigned number 118913. Based on inter-operator agreements, NetCentrica was obligated to route calls made to 118913 to their counterparty so that the calls may be routed to the network of Orange Polska S.A. for the purpose of providing the service. However, irrespective of the publicly available information on the entity authorised to provide the National Telephone Numbers Directory service, NetCentrica undertook offering the service in their own network and on their own account. The company unlawfully terminated several thousand calls to 118913 within their own network instead of routing them to Orange Polska S.A.

When evaluating the activities of NetCentrica, the President of UKE took into consideration the fact that the company had not previously been penalised for infringements of the Telecommunications Act and had ceased to provide the service concerned.

The decision is not binding as NetCentrica sp. z o.o. may lodge an appeal to the court of law.

Information on the rights of consumers using telecommunications services may be found at: https://cik.uke.gov.pl/